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Are you a VINYL Lover?

Are you a VINYL Lover? “Click”, the turntable switches on, “krkkkk” the beginning scratchy sound as the stylus and needle finds the groove….the quiet “pop” every once in a while as the … Continue reading

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Paper Dolls

Do you have any memories of playing with paper dolls?  I do!  My mother would help me cut out pictures of women and men from Sears Catalog or magazines.  I would then cut out plain … Continue reading

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The BEST FRIENDS are OLD Friends

Just had a visit from an old friend….I don’t mean old in age, but old in friendship.  Met this friend in my early years, and became “kindred spirits” as Anne … Continue reading

August 23, 2013 · 1 Comment

August 2, 1790 U. S. Census

Today is a remarkable day for the genealogy buff.  If not for this day 222 years ago, there would be no way for those family tree searchers to search.  On … Continue reading

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Many of us 50+ remember fondly the wonderful sound of the round…and round…and round of the record player.  Amazing how a flat piece of black or colored plastic, be it … Continue reading

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