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For those who loved Elvis. View our Elvis Presley books & records    

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Buy 3 + get 20% extra off! ….through Monday, June 2.

Buy 3 + get 20% extra off! ….through Monday, June 2. Special sale this weekend for bigger discounts! EXTRA 20% OFF WHEN YOU BUY 3 OR MORE Buy 3 or … Continue reading

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Vintage Vinyl Records Music Memories

Vintage Vinyl Records Music Memories Music is a great trigger to the past, just as powerful as the brief whiff of a familiar scent.  These “blasts from the past”  literally … Continue reading

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Vinyl Record Ray Stevens The Streak

VINYL RECORD Vinyl Record Ray Stevens The Streak Hilarious! The Streak took the nation by storm many years ago.   Still brings forth a chuckle even today!  by Ray Stevens, … Continue reading

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VINYL RECORDS Looking for VINYL RECORDS? Check our store for many, and many more to come… #vinylrecord #music #45rp #lp

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More Vinyl Records at Robin’s General Store

More Vinyl Records at Robin’s General Store Our selection of vinyl records is growing at, so if you are looking for vinyl, check out this site, + many more … Continue reading

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Are you a VINYL Lover?

Are you a VINYL Lover? “Click”, the turntable switches on, “krkkkk” the beginning scratchy sound as the stylus and needle finds the groove….the quiet “pop” every once in a while as the … Continue reading

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Vinyl Records @ Read2Learn Books

Vinyl Records @ Read2Learn Books Check out our great selection of vinyl records at .  We have over 1,000 available, and more coming!  The genre includes all kinds of music: … Continue reading

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Many of us 50+ remember fondly the wonderful sound of the round…and round…and round of the record player.  Amazing how a flat piece of black or colored plastic, be it … Continue reading

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