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Old Stuff

Old stuff….not new, not antiques, just old stuff.  We all have it, and our parents probably have or had even more.  Some of their old stuff made its way into our lives and possession.  Some we love, some we don’t even like.  Why do we have it?

If you’re like me, there is probably some connection to your “old stuff” that you just have a hard time letting go! It may be a photograph of you as a kid in some school production, a favorite piece of clothing that is tattered, stained, and torn, an old record-even though scratched and unplayable…we have connections to this stuff, and it is not easily thrown to the wind!

However, it is just s.t.u.f.f…things…no real memories are physically attached to it.  We should be able to just toss it, right?  But after several attempts at getting rid of this junk-pile, it mysteriously makes its way back into our lives. Why is this?! What makes it conjure up those remembrances in our mind’s eye, and commands us to put it back on the shelf?

After a major downsizing, I can personally attest to the agony of sorting through numerous items of ownership. However, after donning the “hat of sensibility”, I was totally able to throw much to the wind, without a backwards look.  I can honestly say that it is very freeing to be rid of so much “old stuff”. Naturally, some precious things were kept, but most were sent on so that someone else could enjoy them for a while, gradually becoming some of their “old stuff”.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure can be a true statement. One man’s junk is just another man’s junk can also be a true statement! Make sure when you are passing some of your old stuff down, that your recipient truly has a desire to have it.  Otherwise, you are just “junking up” their lives, which they will in turn have to de-junk at a later date.

If you do not de-junk periodically throughout your life, remember, you could be creating a huge task for your decendants one day. What a way to be remembered, as they pick up one object after another….statements like “wonder what in the world is this old thing?” and “boy, did Dad have a bunch of old junk!” can be some of words to come.  But boy, oh boy, wouldn’t it be great to hear from heaven “Wow! I’m sure glad didn’t get rid of this! Just looked it up on eBay….a real treasure we’ve got here!” dreamstimefree_3932673



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