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Ever thought about self sufficient living? Check out The Foxfire Books for back to basics living.

What would it take to live, let’s say without…..

…electricity when you touch a button

…water when you turn on the faucet

…refrigerated foods

…a microwave

…cell phone

…driving to work 45 minutes

…your computer on which you are reading this article?

We take so much for granted in this 21st century.   Our ancestors of as recent as 2 generations back did not have many of the conveniences that we have today.  All of the above came into public use within the last century.

How would you survive without them?

The Foxfire Books foxfirewere written with these questions in mind, I believe.  These are “back to the basics of living” training books, plus some great stories!

Even today, in other areas, people live without the list of items above.  You can, too. You may not want to!  Another book has been written to help with just that thought, also, “How to Live Without Electricity and Like It” by Anita Evangelista.

Our family used to conduct, for a while, “electricity free” nights.  We sort of cheated, since we ate dinner which was cooked on the stove.  But we would dine by oil lamplight or candlelight.  After dinner, we would sit around the fireplace and play games by oil lamplight.  We would even take baths by lamplight! Of course, we still had hot water!  Our children at first enjoyed the experience, but later, it became a chore to them.

I still enjoy it when the power goes out temporarily.  It’s fun to read by light of the oil lamp.  Hmmmm……let’s see, now where did I put those things?

The moral of the story is organize and prepare for those hard times!

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