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Beautiful handwriting, but will it be a thing of the past? Thank you, Mrs. Geiger, for teaching me.

cursive writing

Penmanship!  It says a lot about the individual.  According to handwriting analysis, letters leaning one way mean one thing, leaning the other, means something else, and stranding straight up & down sheds even more light on the personality.


Left-handed, right-handed, all have very differing handwriting, akin to a thumbprint.  Your signature is YOURS, uniquely, albeit, it can be imitated, although not perfectly.


I wonder exactly why schools would cease the teaching of penmanship to our little ones.  What exactly is their reasoning?  Yes, I know we are in the age of computers, with the ability to speak our thoughts to machines.  But what will be the far-reaching effects of this departure from handwriting?


One thought:  who will be able to decipher ancient documents in the future?  It will be almost like a foreign language to our children.  Who will be able to read censuses, when doing family research? They are hard enough even now to read for those of us who have training in cursive writing.  Who will be able to read our Founding Fathers documents?  or letters written by their grandfather to their grandmother while courting during World War II?….the list goes on and on.


Oh, the joys that come before me when I take out a favorite pen and a clean sheet of paper.  Energy flows directly from me through that pen and may reach who knows who down the path of life.  Yes, we can do the same electronically, as I am doing so right now.  But, the connection to the individual is lost, something lacking.


In my early years of school, we would take out a dotted line tablet, while my 4th grade teacher turned on the television.  We would watch Mrs. Geiger on Public Television as she wielded her chalk across the chalkboard, artistically constructing flawless cursive letters.  I tried so hard!  But alas, my particular construction never turned out as beautifully as Mrs. Geiger’s.  However, it was my own, created by my own hand!


It is with utmost sadness that I hear of the decease of penmanship as a course taught to our youngsters.






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