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Back to School Rush! ….of memories!

Even though it is only the 1st day of August, it is beginning to feel a little like fall already.  We have had much cooler weather here in the sunny South during the month of July, and August appears to be heading that way, also.

With the thought of fall, a great number of the population’s minds turn to thoughts of Back to School.

Parents of small children begin their normal rushing around, scrambling to find that certain set of pens and pencils, that perfect backpack, and favorite notebooks.  Retailers also join in the frenzy, running fabulous sales during this time, hoping to lure in more business. 

For some of us who have passed this stage of wee ones in the household, we have the memories of preparation…..

………of participating in the shop till you drop for that “to die for” outfit, which our young teen is sure will turn the heads of the most popular boy in class,

……..of planning lunches and snacks

……..of getting together with a group for car-pooling

……..of coordinating after-school care for those that work outside the home

We also have the far away memories of our own time in school.  Do you remember?

…….butterflies in your stomach as you approach the school campus?

…….my mother sewing, not buying, that special new clothing for me

…….excitement in wearing that special new clothing

…….smell of books, smell of the gym (ewwww)

…….sound of the starting bell (dread and excitement)

…….sound of the chalk screeching on the chalkboard

…….sound of the dismall bell (yippee!)

…….home room assignment

…….new best friends

…….special assignments from the teacher (dusting the chalk erasers outside, special task!)

…….lunchroom woes (where do I sit? I hope I don’t drop this tray!)

…….for me, walking home from school (will I ever get home?)

Sadly, my high school alma mater is now closed, a shell that holds memories for many. 

Thankfully, Facebook has made it possible to reconnect with those you may have lost touch with and have not seen in years.  Who’d of thunk it?



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