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Looking for something to sew? Vintage Sewing Patterns and more here

We are mid summer, and fall is approaching quickly. Still have time to sew that sweet summer outfit, and now is the time to prepare for fall sewing! Be sure to visit our store for many vintage sewing patterns and recent sewing patterns.

Robin's General Store

sewing pattern

Looking for something to sew? Vintage Sewing Patterns and more here

Creating your own clothing is a very rewarding experience!  When you sew, YOU are in control of the outcome of the design.  It can be tailored to reflect your very own personality, from the whimsical side of yourself to the very serious, classy side.

Sewing for one’s self has it’s own advantages.  Sewing for others could become a cottage industry for the stay-at-home mom or the budding entrepreneur!  Ever have an inner desire to be a fashion designer?  Here’s your chance, one stitch at a time, whirring away at the sewing machine.

Check our store for over 100 choices of vintage sewing patterns and current ones.  We have patterns from the 1950s-2000s, BUTTERICK, McCALLS, VOGUE, SIMPLICITY, ADVANCE, NEW LOOK.  Check back often, as we have many more to come in the store.

Best of luck on your creations!

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