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Corelle Dinnerware, Strong & Steady, Versatile

Corelle Dinnerware, Strong & Steady, Versatile

If you are looking for dinnerware with both sturdiness and versatility, Corelle Dinnerware by Corning may be for you. Strong, thin, and versatile, Corelle is both dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

From the vintage blue & white to shades of green, coral, brown, gold, black, the choices are many! Corelle has patterns in florals, geometrics, and classic white. An ingenious idea from Corning was the interchangeability of the designs. Many of the plates have a simple colored band on white which mixes well with several patterns. This gives much versatility to the table setting.

Strength and durabilty comes from Vitrelle, a three layer glass laminate. Just to look at Corelle, one would think the lightweight dinnerware would be fragile. But exactly the opposite is true.

Making their debut onto dinner tables in the 1970s, these dishes were used by our grandparents, parents. Now a new generation is discovering the many wonderful attributes of Corelle Dinnerware. From the everyday use for the family to that special dinner party, Corelle Corning Dinnerware does the job well.

Have a look at our offerings of Corelle in our store, Robin’s General Store, at .

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