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Vinyl records have great sound!

vinyl jazzVinyl records have great sound!

If you have ever listened to a CD of a recording, then listened to the same recording on VINYL, you will know that there is a measurable difference in the quality of the sound.

Why not try it and see?

Check our store where we have this LP Pinchas Zukerman Claude Bolling Suite for Violin and Jazz Piano and many more, and loads to come.

2 comments on “Vinyl records have great sound!

  1. jazztraveler
    February 4, 2014

    I have never owned a turntable, when I grew up, we had cassettes and then switched to the new and fancy CDs directly.
    Now I have gone a step further and have everything digital on a NAS and my iPod. This suits my lifestyle best.

    But sometimes I regret not having vinyls at home. They look so great and I am sure that playing them is great fun, not to talk about their soul.

    Good luck with your store!

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