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Lot VINTAGE HATS 1950s – 1960s Home Decor Original Dayne Pill Box Straw Netting

vintage hat lotLot VINTAGE HATS 1950s – 1960s Home Decor Original Dayne Pill Box Straw Netting

Nothing says “vintage” or “days gone by” like an old hat or two lying around.  You can place a women’s hat casually beside a chair, possibly paired with gloves or vintage purse, to give the illusion that the lady has just arrived, and awaiting tea!

This set of 3 vintage women’s hats gives you the opportunity to create that setting or many more.  Hats  also look great hanging in a line across the perimeter of a room, or grouped together in a portrait style inside a vintage picture frame.

Lot of 3 Great VINTAGE HATS

1. Black Pillbox Hat of straw marked “Original by Dayne, made in USA, Union Made”.

  • of woven straw with black ribbon interwoven
  • crown has black grossgrain ribbon
  • turned up brim

2.  Red Straw brimmed hat, no label, smaller size, may be child’s hat.

  • wider brim in front
  • crown has navy blue velvet ribbon, ending in bow on side with off white pearl pin
  • navy blue netting around crown with navy blue velvet balls, net has some wear and tear

3.  Red straw pillbox hat

  • this hat has a straw handle across the top, unsure of what this was for, except for carrying!

This lot of VINTAGE HATS are great for the collector or for use as COSTUME…

These VINTAGE HATS came from an estate sale and are from the 1950s and 1960s.


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