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It’s Here!

Fall has finally come to the Southern United States.  It is such a subtle coming that it is barely noticeable….such a silent appearance.


As I sit here gazing out the window, I see a forest of trees that have just begun to change their summer dress.  They realize that gold and browns are more suited to this time of year! 


It is time for me, too, to change my dress, to switch out clothing from my closet and bring out the warmer colors and fabrics.  Even though we do not have a very cold winter here in the South, it is always fun to make that change. 


As a child and teen, I loved fall clothing.  The plaids, skirts, corduroys, knee socks, saddle-oxfords, boots, sweaters, and tams always intrigued me.   My mother sewed my clothes because of my height,  and also simply because that was what was done in the 1960s & 1970s!  We would spend hours in the fabric store choosing fabrics and sewing patterns. 


Secretly I had ambitions of becoming a model, just so I could try on all those beautiful fall clothes!  Since I was a tall, skinny girl,  many had told me I should become a model, so it stuck with me.  These were the ‘Twiggy’ days.  (if you remember her, I know how old you are!)


Alas, a few decades later and 100 pounds difference… model here these days!  But it sure is fun to look at fall clothes and remember.  Hmmm……think I’ll put myself on a diet!

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    September 29, 2014

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    Thought I’d share again, cyclical memories!

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