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Are you a VINYL Lover?

Are you a VINYL Lover?

“Click”, the turntable switches on, “krkkkk” the beginning scratchy sound as the stylus and needle finds the groove….the quiet “pop” every once in a while as the record turns….and finally, at the end, after 30 minutes of bliss or so, “psh,psh,psh,” as the needle completes its work of transporting the listener to the presence of a great artist.  Who amongst the 50+ group doesn’t remember these sounds? 


Even now, I can see myself lying in the living room floor in front of the family’s stereo cabinet.  Ours was a rectangular box made of maple or mahogany wood with 3 sections of speakers behind yellowish tan wicker screens.  Definitely 1950s – 1960s décor.  Our stereo had a lid that raised for the stereo itself, and a storage bin for the LP albums.  In the center of the front, there was a red light that glowed when it was turned on.  I loved to lay there in the dark with only that red little dot glowing.  You could stack several vinyl records, so you could have a couple of hours of listening.  The stereo could convert to play 45rpms also. 


If you do love the great sound of vinyl records, check out our offerings at .   We also have some at and will be adding many more, of all sorts of genres. 

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