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The Dwelling


Image – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


Wow! Imagine all that has come into this home and then has gone out.  Notice the front door, back door, 2 front windows, and 2 back windows.  Joyous, happy times have come through those doors, as I am sure heavy, sad times have also entered.  Whether or not that joy or sadness stayed in the home is unknown.  Did the sadness exit through those windows on a sunny day, when the sashes were thrown wide to let in the fresh breezes?  Did the joy remain, swirling around the room, enveloping those members present?

The inhabitants have long gone, but the framework of where they spent those happy and sad times still stands.  However, it is only a framework.  The real presence has come and gone.

Such a picture of our humanness….breath in, breath out….2 eyes, 2 ears, nose, mouth with which to embrace or expel that which comes into our dwelling.  What joys, what sadness pass through our framework day in, day out?  It is our choice whether we hold the heaviness inside.  We can choose to throw wide the windows of our soul and pitch that heaviness into the outer darkness.  Then, we are able to welcome the Spirit’s sweet swirls of joy into our dwelling that they may pass through to envelope others, long after our framework is gone.

“…for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return…” (Genesis 3:19)

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