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Paper Dolls

Do you have any memories of playing with paper dolls?  I do!  My mother would help me cut out pictures of women and men from Sears Catalog or magazines.  I would then cut out plain paper clothes to fit and color the design to my liking.  What fun!


The best and most exciting ones, though, were the Betsy McCall paper dolls that came as an insert into the McCall’s magazine.   Usually just one page, but oh, so looked forward to!


I never had the pleasure of playing with Barbie paper dolls.  But, boy, do I remember Barbie!  My mother didn’t believe in buying the newest and best of toys, only what would fit on our family’s budget.  (Thanks to her, now!)  Therefore, I didn’t have the newest fashions of Barbie dolls and clothing that some of my friends had (whose mothers weren’t so thrifty!).   I remember wanting an outfit for my Barbie that a friend had.  We arranged a trade…but at the cost of several outfits from me.  I must have really wanted that badly! 


For young girls, Barbie was the ultimate in popularity and beauty.  She was a “Miss America” type to us who grew up in the 50s and 60s….the girl next door, but with everything going for her and everyone liking her.  At one time I even dreamed of becoming a model, just so I could try on all those clothes like Barbie.   She had closets full of beautiful mix and match clothes, some for every imaginable occasion.


  I can still feel the excitement of walking down the “Dime Store” aisle, (Woolworth’s and Grant’s in my area).  When I came to the Barbie Doll clothing area, I would stop and stare with joy and stars in my eyes, thinking of that perfect accessory for Barbie, if only Mama would buy it!  Nine times out of ten, she wouldn’t buy it.  But, when we got home, somehow, not sure exactly how she did this, but I would be inspired to design my own.  I went from cutting out paper dolls to cutting out fabric scraps that she had left over from clothes she had sewn for us.  I would proudly display my creations on Barbie, even though they never fit right!


Alas, we really don’t live in a Barbie Doll World, but it sure is fun to remember when we thought we did!


Be sure to check out this offering of Barbie Dolls, cases, and Barbie and friends paperdolls and loads of clothing for those paper dolls!






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