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Vintage Childcraft Encyclopedia Children’s Book 1954

Children need to read.  Children need to read books.  Children need to read real books…about real life, real people, real situations.


Yes, children can learn from fiction, also.  But limit their reading of fiction and instead give out some great biographies of historical leaders or inventors.  I remember fondly as a child choosing a book off the shelves in our 4th grade classroom.  We had these great sets of biographies of famous American’s childhood, called Childhood of Famous Americans.  Wow! I can smell those books even now.  How wonderful to get lost for a while in another state, another decade, with all the imagery surrounding the story!


Yes, children need to read, and they need to read books.  Real books.  It’s ok to have a Kindle or Ipad for some things, but they need to experience the feel of the pages, the smell of the old, the knowledge that others have held this very piece of paper in their hands and also enjoyed the same story.  It’s a connection.  A very special connection is when you hand your child a book that you read at their age.  Now that’s really something, especially if you have saved that special book.


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Get those kid’s reading!  It will stay with them for life.

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