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Vintage Lighting MCM Lamp

What is one element in decorating that can really create drama and atmosphere? Lighting…and lamps.  If you are trying to establish a vintage style, such as 1960s or 1970s, try a vintage hanging swag globe lamp such as this:  Looking for a Hollywood style?  Here is an example of a great MCM Mid Century Modern amber gold glass table lamp in the Hollywood Regency style.  The base of the lamp lights up .  Now, if you are wanting to go back further in time for a style in lighting, here is an example of an antique candelabra in an ornate Victorian style with marble base: .  Lastly, for a more primitive look, here is a black candelabra chandelier

Not only is the lighting element important in your home, but if you are planning and decorating your own wedding, this adds to the ambienece at your reception or ceremony.

Whatever decorating style you are looking for, don’t forget the lighting element.  Treat your room as a stage, and add items as a stage designer would add props.  Just a little here, a little there, and before you know it, you’ve created the look you’ve dreamed of!


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