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Antique Radio Zenith Trans Oceanic Tube Shortwave

This old vintage / antique tube short-wave radio was made by Zenith in the 1940s…from 1946-1949, just after WW2. 

The radio is encased in a self-cabinet, black, which has a fold down cover that locks. There is also a fold down door which encloses the radio instructions and log. 

From my research, I understand that this radio was build to power by battery or 120V. 

Uncertain as to it’s origin, this radio was evidently owned by a person named B.F. WEINBERG, as this name is monogrammed on the front cover in gold letters.

What a collector’s item, sure to impress you when you view it.  History speaks as you view the outside, and imagine what programs were broadcast over this radio. What far-away places were visited in the mind of the listener as they came in contact with Germany or France or some Asian country?  The world was a much larger place then, and travel to these areas was for most, only a dream.  Can be seen here


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